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Leveraging design and technology to transform the health experience | April 5-6, 2016 | Boston, MA

Ryan Armbruster

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Harken Health

A recognized pioneer and leader of human-centered service design in health care, Ryan Armbruster is a co-founder of Harken Health, a new health care company designed to provide better experiences for people that need care. Previously, Ryan built and led the Design Studio at UnitedHealth Group and created and directed the SPARC Design Lab at Mayo Clinic. Ryan also teaches graduate and executive health care service design and innovation courses at the University of Minnesota.

“Designing Health Care for Care”

Caring is an essential part of health care – it’s hard to argue with that.   However, over the past few decades, the U.S. health care industry has been unintentionally designed for anything but caring, and the most recent industry trend around consumerism threatens to propagate this misdirection.    How has this happened?   More importantly, how can we effectively address this situation and create great health care services for people?    Ryan will share his perspective, from over a decade of designing health care services, on what we can do to get it right.

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