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Leveraging design and technology to transform the health experience | April 5-6, 2016 | Boston, MA

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Day 1

8:00 - 12:00

These sessions are in-depth, hands-on, and meant to jump start your experience at HxRefactored. Select any of the following workshops as part of an add-on ticket. 

Beyond Gamification: Designing Behavior Change Games 

Full-day Workshop - Stand alone $799, with Conference pass $599 - Register here!

Facilitated by Dustin DiTommaso of Mad*Pow: What if game design principles were applied to develop products or services aimed at helping to achieve personal goals like wellness and health management? Leveraging the motivational dynamics of gameplay in order to energize and sustain people through changing behaviors while attaining complex goals is a challenging solution.

A practical, step-by-step methodology will be explored throughout the day. By workshop’s end, participants will have collaboratively designed and pitched a structured behaviour change game, learned to craft game objectives that facilitate change, learned proper goal-setting, optimal challenge and reward patterns, feedback loops and skills cycles, affect social influence and community dynamics, applied metaphor and theme along with game balancing, play testing, and brainstorming techniques. 

Master Class in US Health Care Policy

Half-day Workshop - Stand alone $399, with Conference pass $299 - Register here!

Technology is working in an increasingly symbiotic relationship with Policy as we, as both innovators and consumers, pave the way for higher expectations from our health care system. While many of the recent changes are inescapably obvious, the ACA for example, there are nuanced changes embedded within it that deeply affect the underlying infrastructure of how technology will be required to adapt. Kavita Patel from the Brookings Institute will lead this Workshop and cover what the ACA means for you.  She will be joined by other experts who will breakdown privacy regulations and the alphabet soup that is HIPAA, ACOs, and the FDA.

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Lunch & Learn

Grab some grub and join leading tech groups for a dive into their API.

1:30 - 3:00
Main Event 

Mad*Pow and Health 2.0 have joined forces once again to bring you HxRefactored, the premier event for designers and developers in health.  Amy Cueva, Indu Subaiya, and Matthew Holt kick off our two-day event in Boston.

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The Informed Consumer: Increased Choices and Why Experience Matters

Consumers are demanding more transparency from their purchasing choices than ever before.  Luckily this is also spilling into health care, and innovation is finally getting the traction it has sought for years. From health plans, to providers, to products, consumers want information and they want options. As such, we’re learning more about designing user-interfaces that drive consumers towards increased adoption. Don’t miss this expert panel which will give you insight into how your consumer is behaving and how they’re voting with their dollars and their downloads.

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Coffee Break

Re-caffinate on your way to an afternoon of parallel sessions that will surely give you all the smarts to bring into Day Two of HxRefactored.

3:30 - 5:30 
Parallel Track Sessions - pick one!

The Business of Health Care

It is no shock that the health care industry is booming and about to boom even bigger.  In 2014, we saw the greatest number of dollars invested in the health care industry, closing the year at just over 4.36 billion. The industry has also saw start ups who entered the space touch the triple digit mark, which begs the question: who is really succeeding in this cacophony of innovation? The Business of Health Care is going to decipher the economics of these influxes, evaluate business models that are working and why, and examine the non-clinical roles being introduced into the sector.

Dollars and Sense: Raising Money and Traction

It’s all about the money, money, money. Hear VCs talk about how they evaluate investments at every stage, from Seed, to Series A, B, and beyond. However, courting VCs is not the only way to get on the map anymore.  Many hospital groups are also putting skin in the game and launching incubator programs. NIH funding and small business grants will also be part of the discussion. 

Playing Well With Others: Interoperability and Data Standards

If you’ve been to Health 2.0 before, you’ve seen the slides with our three-fold definition, the one that includes the requirement that Health 2.0 technologies must play well with others. Interoperability lives as a pillar of this definition because tearing down existing silos is key to creating an elegant new system of data exchange. Hear from the experts who are holding interoperability to higher standards.

Anatomy of the Beast: Health Care 101

Who plays, who pays, and who’s got skin in the health care game - Anatomy of the Beast is the session which covers the big-picture perspectives in Health IT and understanding why it can be so difficult to work in this space. If you’re a technologist who needs a crash course in the health care system, you need to be here. Discover the opportunities and discuss the complications within the system from a group of diverse perspectives, including hospital, pharma, payors, public and private entities. 

5:30 - 6:30

Rub elbows with coders, designers, and other health care nerds at the HxRefactored Kick Off Party.

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Opening Keynote

Information about the keynote goes here. Matthew Holt spent the 1990s learning from the best to become a health care futurist at Institute for the Future, and a survey researcher at Harris Interactive. After a short period developing a PHR start-up, he dedicated himself to his current projects – Founding and curating The Health Care Blog, and Co-Founding Health 2.0 with Indu Subaiya.

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