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Leveraging design and technology to transform the health experience | April 5-6, 2016 | Boston, MA




Design for Health and Wellbeing with Amy Cueva, Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

Kelly Connors, MPH, Women's Wellness Coach interviewed Amy Cueva, Chief Experience Officer of Mad*Pow to discuss how design in technology affects how consumers, caregivers, and health advocates help us improve public health and personal health and wellbeing.  This is a key topic in healthcare today as we aim to reduce costs, increase access and improve the quality of healthcare.  You’ll want to hear just how the “softer side” of technology is heading, with emphasis on empathy and empowerment.

Listen to the complete interview here.

What is wrong with medical design and a path to getting it right with Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer Co-Founder of An Event Apart, the design conference for people who make web sites joins eHealth Radio & the Technology & Health PR & Marketing Channels. His experiences within the medical industry as a patient advocate for his daughter created a driving passion to improve medical design.

Listen to the complete interview here.

HxRefactored Exclusive Interview: Care Delivery Innovation with Mulesoft

Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman of Health 2.0 recently interviewed David Chao, Director of Industry Solutions at Mulesoft. Mulesoft is a “connectivity company” with a vision to connect the world’s data, devices, and applications. During this interview, David shares the challenges within health care and gives an insight into how Mulesoft  is re-framing health care delivery and ensuring health care data to move freely between multiple systems as well as within organizations to be delivered at the point of care when and where it’s needed the most.

Watch the complete interview here.

HxRefactored Exclusive Interview with Amy Cueva, Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman of Health 2.0 interviewed Amy Cueva, Chief Experience Officer of Mad*Pow to discuss some of exciting themes behind HxRefactored and what it means to change the experience of health care through design and technology. Amy will be speaking during the HxRefactored conference coming up on April 1-2.

Watch the complete interview here.

HxRefactored Exclusive Interview with Alan Joseph Williams, Code For America

Health 2.0 Co-Founder, Matthew Holt recently sat down with Alan Joseph Williams, Product Designer and User Researcher at Code for America’s Health Lab, which develops digital services for Californians eligible for or enrolled in social services like SNAP and Medicaid.  Alan will be participating on a panel at the HxRefactored Conference April 1-2 in Boston, MA.  

Watch the complete interview here.

HxRefactored Exclusive Speaker Interview with Kavita Patel: Health Care Reform, Technology, and the U.S. Health Policy

HxRefactored kicks off April 1st in Boston and we are excited to have Kavita Patel participating in a panel titled “Master Class in U.S. Health Policy.” Kavita is a Managing Director at The Brookings Institution in Washington, DC and has a long history working in health reform.  Health 2.0 sat sat down with Kavita to talk health care reform impact, insight, technology and and timing.

Read the complete interview here.