Thank you for joining us at HxR 2016!

Leveraging design and technology to transform the health experience | April 5-6, 2016 | Boston, MA

10 Reasons to attend HxR, April 1-2, 2015

by Amy Cueva, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

The HxRefactored conference is a unique opportunity for believers in and practitioners of design to come together to improve health experiences. This year’s conference is a MUST ATTEND event! Check out the reasons below, and then register to attend the conference April 1-2, 2015 in Boston!

10. Healthcare experiences are multi-disciplinary by design.

Everywhere you look, design is helping governments, organizations, and businesses improve interactions with the people they serve, leading to experiences that are more meaningful and effective. It’s time to accelerate this thinking in healthcare. HxRefactored draws together designers, coders, technologists, entrepreneurs, clinicians, hospitals, biotech, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and nonprofits as we leverage design thinking to fixing healthcare issues, solving business problems, and addressing unmet needs.

09. Get hands-on, practical tips from big thinkers who actually roll up their sleeves.

Designers and coders are the makers, the doers, the problem solvers and the roll-up-your-sleevers on every team. At HxR we’ll put new tools in your hands to help you get to work creating ground-breaking products, systems and connected experiences—all based on the learning of those who are the forefront of redesigning healthcare. It’s where the experiences and evidence from science, applied theory, well-fought failures and hard-won success all come together to help you advance your important work.

08. When was the last time you meditated and danced at a design conference?

To re-design healthcare experiences, we need new perspectives, new tools and more than a few unexpected influences. That’s why we’re bringing together experts on everything from big data to Self Determination Theory to inform and inspire you. Join Dr. Darshan Mehta of the Mass General Hospital Mind Body Health Institute as we re-charge and re-focus in a group meditation session—and get on your feet with Amy Li from Dance for Healing as we learn how to dance for health.

07. Learn how to design for motivation and help people change their behaviors.

Each year, billions of dollars are spent to move people’s behaviors in a healthier direction. Leveraging motivational psychology to energize and sustain people through behavior change is a profound solution—and a core conference track at HxR. Speakers, discussions and workshops will draw from science, evidence and theory from health care, psychology and behavioral economics as well as computer, systems, product and game design to understand how we can better inform the way healthcare products and services are created, designed and implemented.

06. Winners of the first-ever Design for Health Awards will be announced.

There is so much opportunity to re-design, re-engineer, and re-imagine health experiences. And people are rising to the challenge—from PillPack and MediSafe, to PatientsLikeMe.org. At HxR, we’re celebrating new products, websites, apps, process improvements, data visualizations, service designs, physical environments and mind-blowing new ideas that leverage human-centered design to improve health experiences with the first-ever Design for Health Awards. Enter today.

05. An ecosystem of disciplines—and ideas—creates new ecosystems of care.

How can a game programmer help a doctor? How does sound affect our behaviors? How does the small data matter just as much as the big? How can we design an organization with the same discipline that we design a wearable device? How can character and plot development help choreograph a new patient experience? How will IT issues drive healthcare policy? How do the ACA, RDL triples, SDT, EMR, APIs and Pantone 226 all come together to inform and influence healthcare experiences? Come to HxRefactored and find out.

04. You can take The Designers’ Hippocratic Oath.

Imagine a world where designers see it as their “duty to cure” as much as a hospital, healthcare system or a clinician—where we refrain from “doing any injury or wrong,” seeking only the “convenience and advantage of the patient.” At HxR, we’ll begin an interactive, crowd-sourced and industry-defining effort to create a Designer’s Hippocratic Oath to guide us as we build new ecosystems of care with people firmly at the center.

03. Swap digits with the design world’s best and brightest.

Every year, HxR draws together a rare convergence of more than 500 design-influenced professionals who care deeply about improving healthcare experiences. Whether you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, partners or products, a new gig, a new hire or a new mentor, you’re sure to meet someone amazing at HxR. “Many of the opportunities we had this year came from people we met at HxR!” – Past HxR Attendee

02. Surround yourself with fellow committed, passionate people who are dedicated to changing healthcare. We believe that human-centered design and technology can improve the human condition. As more organizations look to improve the overall customer experience, we can move beyond aesthetics to value design as an essential discipline, a critical factor for success, and a way to foster empathy-driven cultures where customer-centricity is woven into business practice. Together, we’re transforming healthcare experiences at HxR. “I can’t explain the energy here. It is just so great to be surrounded by my people. Everyone here wants to change things for the better.” – Past HxR Attendee

01. There’s still time to register. (And save $100.)

In truth, HxR can only as good as the people who join us there, as we engage, inform and inspire one another to re-ignite our empathy for people and use everything we know about human-centered design to transform healthcare experiences. Join us at HxR in Boston, April 1–2. There’s even still time to take advantage of our Early Registration special and save $100 off admission!